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 +This list has two parts, one which features hard to get stuff I'm looking for (at least they are hard to get in Hungary!), and one with stuff I could technically get but haven't gotten yet, mostly for financial reasons ;-)
 +====Out-of-print or otherwise unavailable====
 +I'm fine with these in any format, really... digital is also OK. I'm not looking for collector's items, I'm only looking for the information contained therein. Please contact me ASAP if you have some of the items on the list or if you know someone who might.
 +  * //Bleu, l'enfant de la Terre// - any episodes, any language (I have ep1 in French but that's all)
 +  * //Les mondes engloutis// - season 2 in French
 +  * Michael Ely: //Centauri Dawn, Dragon Sun, Twilight of the Mind// (SMAC tie-ins)
 +  * Gary Numan w/ Steve Malins: //Praying to the Aliens//
 +  * Walter Koenig: //Warped Factors//
 +  * Ed Kovacs: //Unseen Forces//
 +  * Jiří Marek: //Autómesék//
 +  * Billy Dee Williams & Rob MacGregor: //Just/In Time//
 +====The generic wishlist-like list====
 +...I think I'll clean up my Amazon wishlist and link it here, but I'll need to think it over, check back in another day or two.
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