The Eighth Adventure of the Orion

Written by Tamás Alaksza

Drawn by Ernő Zórád

Translated by prezzey for Space Patrol Orion

Page 1


Major McLane1) was spending his time on another penalty assignment, when…

Prepare yourself, your boss has called for you.


We suspend your penalty, Major! You wonder why? You're familiar with Professor Csényi2), right?


Back in the twentieth century, a theory was proposed claiming that not only rays of light bend in space, but space itself, infinity itself is curved… Moreover, its structure folds back unto itself… I like playing football3) even today, the inside of the ball gave me this idea… it is possible that the visible material world is assuming such a conformation…


The ray of light, wandering for millions of years, originally started out from a location close to our solar system, it's only us who perceive it as distant…


The frogs have attacked again, McLane! You need to get to them.

I understand… and oblige! Does the professor think they might have come from a neighboring system?


…so, in which direction should we set off?

Where the frogs came from.


The professor says that in a given location, the two spaces not only contact, but merge into each other… there, we are in our galaxy and millions of light years away at the same time…


Two weeks later, soon after the Orion left the outer defense area, all of a sudden…

Help! What's going on?

To Be Continued

Page 2


The shaking stopped after a few minutes.

What's happened to us? It's as if we're standing on our heads!


It's not an illusion! We have become our own mirror images! Take a look… your heart is beating on the right side!


Space has become something akin to a Moebius strip. If you twist a thin translucent strip 180 degrees before gluing its two ends together, a ladybug crawling along the surface returns upside down, without even noticing…


Well, we definitely noticed…

Because we were in both spaces at the same time!

Attention!! Frog ships!


They've turned away! They're leaving!

We need to follow them!

They could be leading us into an ambush!


Dammit, I keep on reaching in the wrong direction!

It's like that experiment with the glasses that show things upside down.

They found it hard to get used to the upside-down world.


An energy shower from the target location… high-energy nucleotides…


Their effect is similar to a laser's, but they function like a locator…

It is possible to evade a coherent beam… we change to a helical course…


The Orion was nearing a space station, when…


They're gone! They've accelerated almost to the speed of light in mere minutes!

To Be Continued

Page 3


We're landing!


Mark and Shihan4)… you go explore. Don't remain directly next to each other!


We need to find the power station… come on, Shihan!


Aren't the entrances sealed off?

The frogs don't need air… in fact, oxygen destroys them!


It's as if we were walking in grease… I find it hard to raise my feet!


HELP!!! I can't—


Mark, can you respond? Are there life signs in your area?

Nno– there's no—

It's as if this were a gravity trap!

At least ten times the gravity on Earth!


Tamara, back me up with the beam cannon. We're trying to rescue them!

To Be Continued

Page 4


Tamara… don't come here! Destroy the power station!


Major… the frogs are in line of sight, so close…


The central structure, right now… or we'll all perish…

Mark… and Shihan are still inside!


I can't keep the Orion in place! Antigravity… we don't have enough energy.


The Orion was attempting to escape the unknown, horrendous force, but in vain.


The ray gun… maybe it'll help…


It's no use, it's not working…

Try adding the oxygen reserves….

To Be Concluded

Page 5


The 'oxygen overdose' helped, but the reserves were depleting at an alarming rate.


All of a sudden, the trapped ship's airlocks opened.


No… NOOOO!!!


When the aliens touched her, Tamara heard a voice. She only heard the voice in herself, in her brain… “Calm down… we won't hurt you… we want to help…”


Ask the others… not to destroy our automatons…


The gravity trap of the space station stopped to function.

Major! These are only automatons! And they won't hurt us!


Our society is not an enemy of Earth. We did not even know it existed, but there is a continuously spreading toxic organic material on the outer planets of our solar system, that our bio-robots were trying to destroy…


The bio-robots are machines, but they are controlled by proteins instead of a cybernetic storage mechanism. They are capable of storing several thousand billions5) of data entries… they function like the bioelectric prostheses used on Earth…


The Orion started out on her voyage of fifty million light years, a distance that was in fact only a few months away. And they carried the message: sentient life forms will, sooner or later, create their own communal6) society, and such a society will never attack other sentient beings!

1) Yes, he is called a Major, this is a continuity glitch.
2) Pronounce it like “Chainey”. This is a Hungarian surname.
3) This is the sport that is called “soccer” by certain uncivilized nations.
4) Sheehan?!
5) In case you were wondering - “a billion” in Hungarian is “a thousand billion” in English. A “billion” in English is a “milliárd” in Hungarian. “Million” is the same in both languages. Are you sufficiently confused by now? I sure am!
6) you can translate it as 'communistic' if you like, and I'm quite sure that was the intent, but 'communistic' is not the word used here. I guess they wanted to be subtle with their ideology ;)
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