I'm putting all sorts of textfiles here. Some of them are in English, some of them are in Hungarian, it's one big mess just like the Internet itself ;) I hope you can find your way.

Ide rakok mindenféle szöveget - van, ami angolul van, van, ami magyarul, teljes a káosz, csakúgy, mint az interneten általában ;) Remélem, azért sikerül mindenkinek eligazodnia.


Find out everything about me

To aid stalkers, intelligence officers and suchlike (and also people who simply have an everyday interest in me - hey, I'm flattered!), here is my online presence on various websites, in more or less alphabetic order:

(Ezek az iWiW kivételével javarészt angolul vannak.)

Science fiction


Reading lists



Friends only area

Go here, you'll need a login and appropriate permissions (ask me)

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