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I'm putting all of the cool music here I found online on some site or another. All of the downloads/streams are perfectly legal as far as I know. I'm only linking to stuff that's of reasonable quality, no 64kbps streams or anything of the sort. If some of the links are broken, let me know and I'll remove them.

Everything is in alphabetic order. is a great streaming service (though the website has been acting flaky lately) and it offers a huge library of songs for registered users - it's free but you can also get a paid account. A portion of their mp3s is also available for download and streaming on the website without any registration.

However, all the music linked below does not require any registration whatsoever. Isn't that great? Go forth and listen.


  • Ugress - bitpop meets triphop meets evil mastermind. A ridiculous amount of streamable stuff (13 directories of either albums or EPs) and a select portion of it also available for download. The guy also has an amount of side projects, they are listed on this fan group.

Folk/folkish stuff, world music, etc.

  • Bugotak - Siberian folk songs and rock covers with folk instruments. Two full albums and a half. Streaming and downloads too.
  • Kampec Dolores - Hungarian folk jazz/world music. Downloads, no streaming. Saving the files is a bit complicated as the site is in Hungarian and the code is slightly messed up. The tracks are to the right - right click - save as, it'll offer you a stupid html filename, enter something_you_want.mp3 instead and you'll hopefully get the songs. They have a bunch of other songs for download on their official website as well.
  • Kanizsa Csillagai - Bayash folk songs from Hungary. Download only, see Kampec Dolores above on how to download the songs.
  • Laïs - Belgian Flemish female vocalists. One full album and a bunch of other songs, streaming only.
  • The Ukrainians - A crossover of Ukrainian folk songs and American Western. Download only, see Kampec Dolores above on how to download the songs.
  • Úzgin Űver - Hungarian world music. Download only, see Kampec Dolores above on how to download the songs. The bottommost three are the greatest IMO.



  • Matisyahu - Chasidic Reggae. A gigantic collection of live recordings made by fans. (Matisyahu is a taper-friendly musician.) Various formats available for download depending on the individual taper, some have streaming versions too.


  • Kontroll Csoport - The great banned band of 80s Hungary. I suppose this music is only enjoyable if you understand the lyrics, but who knows? Download only, see Kampec Dolores above on how to download the songs.
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