The Free State of Eren is a political entity that seceded from the Empire of the Three Stars and declared its independence in C-320 after a bloody civil war.

It is situated on a planetoid named Eren orbiting the planet Mogōra.


Everyone can receive Ereni citizenship who passes a battery of tests investigating whether s/he bears the Ereni cognotype. The Ereni cognotype is present in almost all Imperial-type races, and several other races as well, some very far from the general humanoid template. In general, the closer one species is to the Imperial type, the more interpretable the concept of the Ereni cognotype. Unless there are special selection pressures toward it, or breeding programs are enacted, individuals with the Ereni cognotype form about 1-2% of any given Imperial-type population. (This also applies to the inhabitants of planet Earth, of course!)

The Ereni cognotype requires a special environment to function best, and Ereni society is geared toward providing this environment. For this reason, those bearing other cognotypes find it aggravating, boring, oppressive, annoying, etc. (additional negative descriptors based on the temperament of the individual ;) ) to live there. It is also not a popular destination for Alliance diplomats, despite its very advanced civilization.

Immigration is steady (though there are occasional increases conditional on the political situation of other states where Imperial-type sentients live) but the raw numbers are relatively low. Many people bearing the Ereni cognotype are satisfied with their homes and feel no need to immigrate; indeed, some countries pay special attention to their welfare in the wake of the Umbusra incident.

The casus belli of the One Day War was also related to immigration.


The Free State of Eren is a democratic state that assumes the form of a council republic. As such it is fairly decentralized and is predominantly organized from the bottom up.

Councils are usually organized on the basis of occupation, though there can be councils for anything that is regarded as a meaningful grouping of the population (e. g., species, immigrant councils, etc.). Everyone can start a council by putting up a petition on the System (see below) and waiting for a required number of endorsers. Only potential members can endorse a council in the process of founding.

Councils can be organized into groups of councils which select councils themselves. A council can belong to multiple groups of councils.

At the top of the political structure is the Supreme Council, whose members mostly participate in diplomatic affairs, as the state runs itself fairly smoothly without such high-level intervention. There is a set of High Councils which make decisions about various broad areas of Ereni society. Their number is fairly large and is subject to change.

Since the Ereni information infrastructure is ubiquitous, and requires no machinery beyond that built into the citizens themselves to operate, there are no buildings dedicated to specific High Councils. There is a large building that houses the Supreme Council which has a large auditorium (usually used by the members of High Councils and interested citizens when the Supreme Council is in session), but otherwise the councils are usually coordinated online (mind-to-mind; see below).

The Book of Rules

The Book of Rules is a corpus of text that describes not only public, criminal, etc. law, but more importantly, a set of guidelines for social interactions. It is considered to hold a certain amount of sanctity (just like the state itself), but it is not immutable and contains rules describing procedures for changing its content. Citizens of Eren pledge to follow the Book of Rules in all their interactions with other citizens of Eren both on- and off-planet. Off-planet, they usually wear a medal or some similar item depicting the Ereni crest to signify this, though it is mostly a last-resort measure and a kind of tradition as their systems usually synchronize before they get into visual range. (It can also be considered to be directed toward the non-Ereni who might be interested.)

The System

All Ereni have a set of biological and technological modifications that allow them to connect to the System (sometimes also translated as the Network). The System is a network for information transfer, but it also serves to perpetuate social organization and functions as a very effective deterrent of crime.

In addition to more conventional technology, the System also makes extensive use of the māwal. It can be thought of as a kind of group mind, though strictly speaking it doesn't fall under Alliance groupmind restrictions, a point that was very heatedly debated at several occasions in the Alliance, e. g., in C+283.

There are māwal-users whose main task is to ensure the operation of the System and also to serve as its components in a certain sense.


The Free State of Eren has a planned economy



Perception of the Free State of Eren by other nations

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