Scene 01: Spires (Int.)

(Not the final version)


Starts when the scene is displayed. Emeteri and Hanneman are sitting and talking. Emeteri is explaining stuff to Hanneman.

Emeteri: …and it is also associated with a strong impression of sanctity. Now, don't get me wrong, we are not talking about religion here, I'm not trying to imply a set of religious principles is a better fit than another. It's simply that most types of sentient brain are wired to perceive the maawal this way.

Hanneman: …Well, that explains a lot. This is starting to make sense.

Emeteri: Exactly what does it explain?

Hanneman: I didn't really mean it in a particular way… well… Break Like… it's this impression I have of you people. Had it from day one and can't seem to shake it. Like… you're angels or something. Break It really felt stupid and I've been trying to get rid of it, with precious little success. *shakes head* But there are things that don't fit. Like the ruthless efficiency. Not exactly in keeping with how I imagine angels.

Emeteri: That's because this image of angels or similar celestial beings is produced by–

Mukhitar walks in.

Mukhitar: What is this talk I hear about angels?

Emeteri: I was explaining the maawal to Hanneman.

Mukhitar: Aah, the boy's finally getting an education. Break About time. By the way, our first assignment together is in.

Hanneman: I'm still not used to the idea they want to send me out into the field.

Mukhitar: You are going to become a veritable field agent, my boy. Sounds fascinating, eh?

Emeteri: Don't tease him. You make it sound like we are… spies or something equally clandestine.

Mukhitar: And, in the end, are we not?

Emeteri: *sigh* I can only speak for myself. Break Whatever. Let's get our gear together and go.

Hanneman: Do we leave right away?

Mukhitar: In a hurry, are we?

Hanneman: Stop that. I've been sitting here for days on end doing absolutely nothing waiting for the brass to tell us where to go and what to do, and I'm so unfreakingbelievably tired of it I–

Mukhitar: Aah. It's not like you don't have enough to catch up on.

Emeteri: Do you really have to keep picking on him?!

Mukhitar: I'm not picking on him, I'm simply establishing the pecking order.

Emeteri: –> ( Don't rise to his provocations. OK? He's a jerk, you just have to live with it. ) What-EVER. Can we go now?

Mukhitar: *ahem* It takes another half an hour or so to outfit the shuttle. I've already given them the green light. The files have been transferred to our workstations. We should grab them and go.

Emeteri: Sure. *sigh* Break These Alliance regs really get on my nerves. Why do I need special onetime permissions to transfer anything to my head? Where it should've arrived in the first place to begin with? Why can't I just set this damn workstation thing on autoforward? Or at least have it ping me if anything new has arrived?

Mukhitar: Don't ask me. Do we whine or do we work?

Emeteri: Work hard at establishing the pecking order.

Hanneman: . o O ( I won't survive being locked into a shuttle with the two of them. What were the Alliance psychs thinking?! )

Player gets control here

Look at


Hanneman: . o O ( I simply can't comprehend the scale. These are buildings, you say? )

Mukhitar: . o O ( Aah, the Spires. The heart of the civilized world… or so the Alliance likes to claim. )

Emeteri: . o O ( I love the view - so much open space! )


Hanneman: . o O ( These must be quite valuable. Mukhitar brought them in a few days back. )

Mukhitar: . o O ( Quality handiwork from Katnaw… I got them as a gift on a previous assignment. )

Emeteri: . o O ( These patterns are mesmerizing… )


Hanneman: . o O ( I have this nagging suspicion something else needs to be done before we leave. )

Mukhitar: . o O ( Not so fast. )

Emeteri: . o O ( Let's not forget about the _ first. )

Mukhitar's Workstation

Hanneman: . o O ( This one is Mukhitar's. )

Mukhitar: . o O ( I should check to see if everything is transferred to the ship properly. )

(after login: . o O ( Fine and dandy. )

Emeteri: . o O ( This one is Mukhitar's. )

Hanneman's Workstation

Hanneman: . o O ( This is my workstation… real comfy but I can't really use most of the facilities without a proper neural interface. Still, I should log in. )

(after login:) . o O ( All clear. Let's go! )

Mukhitar: . o O ( The boy should really get his skull drilled one of these days. )

Emeteri: . o O ( This one is Hanneman's, though he has little use for it at present. )

Emeteri's Workstation

Hanneman: . o O ( This one is Emeteri's. )

Mukhitar: . o O ( This one is Emeteri's. )

Emeteri: . o O ( I have much more computing power in my head… but they demand me to use this workstation for office tasks. I suppose I should check to see if everything is all right before we leave. )

(after login:) . o O ( Everything checks out. )



Hanneman: . o O ( I'm not that desperate yet. )

Mukhitar: . o O ( It doesn't open. )

Emeteri: . o O ( You can't really do much else than look. )


Hanneman: . o O ( My workstation is more comfortable. )

Mukhitar: . o O ( Sit on them? Me?! )

Emeteri: . o O ( Not at this time. )


Hanneman: . o O ( It doesn't open. )

Mukhitar: . o O ( It can't be locked. Unless you try really hard. )

Emeteri: . o O ( I could lock it, but why would I? )

Mukhitar's Workstation

Hanneman: . o O ( He would bite my head off. )

Mukhitar: *switch to SCREEN_WS_MUKH*

Emeteri: . o O ( This one isn't mine. )

Hanneman's Workstation

Hanneman: *switch to SCREEN_WS_HNM*

Mukhitar: . o O ( I have my own. )

Emeteri: . o O ( This one isn't mine. )

Emeteri's Workstation

Hanneman: . o O ( It's more than enough for me to deal with my own.)

Mukhitar: . o O ( I have my own. )

Emeteri: *switch to SCREEN_WS_EMT*


When everything has been performed and the player clicks on the door (with use or go to)

Mukhitar: I suppose we can leave. The rest should already be on the ship.

They walk toward the door, Mukhitar first, Emeteri and Hanneman follow behind.

Hanneman: And just what produces this 'image of angels'?

Emeteri: The analytic processes of your mind trying to make sense of faint and disjointed impressions.

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