About the Ereni

“Appearances notwithstanding… they are not human. Humane, but not human.”
- Elizabeth Hausmann (IRL disclaimer: “Humane, but not human” originated with Miou Vicioso, at least that's where I got it from; she originally said “emberséges, de nem emberi”)

”[Their] rites might appear to be cruel, but always remember what purpose they serve: to control such a power whose magnitude we find hard to grasp. It's as if the individual Ereni - at least a sizable portion of them - were sitting on their own private atomic bomb, directly linked to their minds, gouging their reactions, ready to go off at an eyeblink's notice… What would you do in such a situation? Repressing your thoughts is futile - even Freud knew that. But control is necessary, for the survival of the society… or of the individual, for that matter. Now then, what would you do?”
- Professor Jürgen Meixner, The Vienna Lectures

By the Ereni about themselves

“We revere the world around us, for it is volatile; we revere each other, for we are volatile too.”
- Āmusun

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