To my Dear Visitors,

welcome to my conculture repository! Constructed cultures are one of my hobbies, and lately I've decided that the best way to organize and present what I've come up with so far was to set up a wiki.

This site is to be considered a work in progress (and the Work never ends!), so you should not be surprised if you find links that lead nowhere, or pages that are but mere stubs. If there is some area that interests you, ask me and I'll try to bump it up my priority scale. (Here is a list of current requests.)

With that being said, here are a few basics about the universe that you must know: it is a science fiction universe where humans make contact with other sentient species sometime in the uncomfortably near future. The culture I've developed the most is that of the Ereni, the first sentients humans inadvertently (and rather clumsily) stumble upon. They are very humanlike in all but their mindset - though if the way they seem to work is familiar to you from somewhere else, that is no accident. Cognitive science is my day job (I'm a grad student doing research in developmental psycholinguistics), and it also seems to be where most of my inspiration comes from. (Well, barring Ereni magic, of course ;-) )

As to why are the Ereni so eerily humanlike in all but - some would argue - their most important features, exactly what are the differences, and why are those going to result in the stupidest war in the recorded history of the universe–

read on.

Two disclaimers

1. This is a work of fiction

I am writing about *aliens*. ALIENS. You can find all sorts of parallels and possibly get offended - since I am quite outspoken about religious issues, I know from experience that people get offended about the weirdest things -, but that's your prerogative; it definitely wasn't my intent to hurt anyone. There are also no perfect parallels in the human world, though some are close, as the Ereni themselves found out soon enough.)

Also, all personages are fictional, unless you ask me to write you into the universe, in which case I might comply if I like - or hate? - you enough. It definitely won't happen without your consent.

Human behavior in a first contact situation was NOT inspired by the Bush administration (I've been posed that question before!). It was inspired by Hungarian politics, though only indirectly; you won't see specific events fictionalized, or even specific politicians immortalized this way ;) (Unless they ask me to, in which case the above section about friends applies; but that's quite unlikely to ever happen. Though who knows - our PM is a blogger, so everything is possible :D )

2. It might contain spoilers

I am a published science fiction writer, though this is probably of no consequence to most of you, as my meagrish output has so far been produced in my native Hungarian. However, I am currently writing a novel (in Hungarian, too, unless something big happens) and some key plot points might be spoiled by browsing this wiki. Pages that contain spoilers to the novel's plot will be clearly marked as such; I will not mark anything that is related to the background, because in that sense the entire site is one gigantic spoiler. Or one big treat, your choice!

And now, go ahead and browse!


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