Ep1 intro

Spaceship zooming animation (probably with stills & virtual camera unless we find a render-person)

Hanneman speaking (young but powerful male voice, see voice casting)

At times like this I wish I could lose my memory. Sit back in ignorant bliss, unaware of the fact that I'm stuck on a spaceship hurtling toward an alien planet at incomprehensible speed, my only companions a Communist cyborg and a guy who's straight out of some cheap fantasy novel. Unaware of a world turned upside down.

I was fifteen when our astronauts stumbled upon the jump point, and with it the mad jumble of interstellar civilization. I was sixteen when our idiotic leadership declared war on Eren and surrendered the day after. I was in college when Earth joined the Alliance. I wanted to cower in a corner but instead I decided to take the world head-on. Next best thing, huh?

I became a diplomat, one of the few willing to leave Earth for Central. Still too young to be placed in a position of responsibility, after being shuffled around for a while, I ended up on a backwater committee of the Alliance, an ethics committee investigating technological issues that sound suspiciously like magic. And now, after less than two weeks on the job, they've decided to send me on a field investigation, with two sentients whose cultures had engaged in quite an amount of bloodshed back in the day… and they're still not exactly at peace.

I can't help feeling that the entire universe's eyes are on me; I can't help feeling I've been set up to fail. And if I do, people will shake their heads or whatever they have, and say, “These Earthies… I told you so. I told you so.”

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