Emerald Spires general concept

The target audience is adult science fiction fans. There is no graphic violence (though there is a considerable amount of violence!) or onscreen sex. However, the themes are “adult” and have to do with moral issues, intercultural relations, etc. The game is fairly serious in tone, but there is quite an amount of humor, mostly arising from bickering and teasing among the characters, just like the way it is in everyday life! And intercultural relations somehow always end up being hilarious, trust me :p

There are three playable characters, all with distinct personalities and abilities. Think of it like Gobliiins! or Day of the Tentacle, only here the characters are adults, and - *gasp!* - diplomats to boot.

The backstory is that the three characters are career diplomats in the Interstellar Alliance (which is exactly what it sounds like), all of different species, who have somehow ended up in a weird backwater committee - the Alliance Ethics Committee on Māwal Use. They are also unlucky enough to have to be assigned to on-site investigations…

Each episode is the story of such an on-site investigation. Most of the time, the little team has to find out the truth (or what passes for it in those parts) by making use of their personalities instead of combinations of weird objects like in more traditional point-and-click adventures. You as the player have to work out which character is your best bet to extract information, or how the three of them should work together in order to achieve the desired results… and you also have to keep them from getting on each other's nerves, which might be even more difficult.

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