(if you're here through LJ - this is my personal wiki's Emerald Spires section, so that's why I'm often writing in the first person. I've been trying to rewrite those sections now that there is more than one developer, and we'll have a standalone site up some time later. - prezzey)

Emerald Spires is my episodic point-and-click adventure game set in the world of Eren. Previously I've characterized it as the ultimate in vaporware, but now there are two of us, and a sizable amount of stuff has been done, so it looks like the project is here to stay.

At present Emerald Spires is in planning, the story for the first episode already exists in novelette form (in Hungarian, which is why it's not up here on the website), and there is also an amount of concept art, but that's about it. It used to be a much larger project that got downsized and downsized until I became convinced it was manageable by a single person or a small group.

The way it currently stands: Emerald Spires is going to be a classic 'Lucasarts'-style point-and-click adventure game, divided into episodes of approx. 4-6 hours of play time (like the new Sam & Max series). It's going to use the AGS engine, because I'm lazy to program the whole thing from scratch and I'll have to draw heaps of art for the game anyway (very time-consuming!). I'm going to post about it here, and you can encourage me (hopefully with financial incentives ;] ) The first episode will be available free of charge, the follow-up probably downloadable for a small fee… but this depends on how we as a team agree upon things.

Emerald Spires Episode 1: Veil of Illusion

Non-spoiler material

SPOILERS from here onwards

The entire process of developing this game will be documented here (OK I still need to scan those concept drawings which are on paper, but from here onwards…) so venture forth at your own peril.

We're very interested in input, so if you don't mind being spoiled in exchange for having a real influence on the development process, go ahead, browse, then tell us what you think!

Everything is really at the beginning stages, please keep that in mind ;)

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