Emerald Spires recurring characters (non-spoiler)

J. Morris Hanneman

Human male, 29 years old. Speaks fluent English, Hungarian and Standard, can get by in Romany and French.

Family background, personal history

He is from a Romungro 1) family, but he was born in the United States, where his parents immigrated. Coming from an assimilationist background which was so strong that his parents took on new, American-sounding names, he acquired a strong interest in Gypsy culture as a teenager, learned Romany and joined a band which played traditional folk songs. As a result, he was estranged from his parents, especially his father. To satisfy him, he entered law school, and by winning a prestigious scholarship he quickly became self-supporting. He realized in his senior years that his real interest lay in international relations, and thus after graduation he got himself a job at the United Nations.

He moved to Vienna, Austria to work at the United Nations Office there, and as soon as he found the time, he visited Hungary. This was the first occasion when he, a young, urbane American professional, came face-to-face with everyday racism. His visit to Hungary found him disillusioned - even though he knew what was waiting for him there via the Internet and his circle of friends, he could only understand it before on an intellectual level. He returned to Vienna feeling dejected. He was encouraging people to embrace their ethnic background, he took up the mantle himself, he did everything he could - for this? It did not matter he was clean-shaven and well-dressed, people - his own Hungarian people, whose language he spoke - still reacted to him as a petty thief at best. He felt powerless and useless.

And at this very moment came first contact. There were sentient beings out there in space and humans were talking to them. Hanneman realized that, being a promising young expert in international relations, employed by the UN, he was the prime candidate to be at the forefront of these efforts… if only he could pull the right strings. He could leave the planet behind, he could go to a place where he would be universally respected both by the aliens - who probably couldn't even distinguish between human ethnic groups - and maybe even the humans.

Then came the One Day War and even after peace was firmly established and Earth started accession talks with the Interstellar Alliance, suddenly a lot less people wanted to go out into space. Hanneman was still one of them. He would do anything, take any post, do whatever he could just to get away from Earth. Just to feel like he could still be part of something noble, of something worth struggling toward. When Earth joined the Alliance, he was one of the first to sign up on an over-planet assignment.

He made it onto the roster fairly easily, but then due to his junior status, had to accept one of the assignments no one wanted to take - a position as field investigator at the Ethics Committee for Māwal Use. He had no idea what the committee did, or what the guidelines were, but the other sentient species - much less noble than imagined - made it abundantly clear that he'd better catch up to speed fast. Some governments were still firmly opposed to the idea of Earth membership in the Alliance, and their representatives did all they could to oust humans from their position…

Personality and issues

He is suave and easy-going, with a quick mind and quick wits. He knows he fits the Latin lover stereotype, and he consciously exploits this without second thoughts. He is keenly aware of the impressions he makes on other people and utilizes this knowledge much to his gain.

At first glimpse he might seem superficial and careless, but this is only a facade - he is hard-working and of a strongly intellectual disposition.

His worst fear is that he's going to fail at his work, and do so in public and as a representative of Earth. He does everything he can to overcome his ignorance of Alliance cultures, but he is often limited by the fact that he has no neural modifications enabling him to connect to the information hetworks directly, and more manual modes of access have gone out of fashion in Alliance space centuries ago.

Emeteri ta-Raxīnēwi

Mukhitar of the House of Gubhas

1) Romungro are a group of Hungarian Gypsies who speak Hungarian as their mother tongue, unlike other, less assimilated groups which speak Romany or Bayash. They usually don't call themselves Romungro, but simply Gypsies or Roma.
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