Emerald Spires ep1 backgrounds: non-clickables

OK so here it goes… I'm uploading each phase as I work because I like work-in-progress images when other people do something like this.

Title A

Title B

The Emerald Spires

Central from space

Ship exterior

Balar from space

Should maybe render the planets instead of drawing them? (Had multiple attempts at drawing and they just didn't turn out all that great.) But the whole thing needs to have a uniform style, and I'd prefer it to be more 2D than 3D. Oh what to dooooo!!!

Capital of Balar aerial view

* First phase, 40% complete?

(This is an administrative capital, so don't be surprised at the small size.)

Village aerial view


Emerald Spires ep1 backgrounds: clickables

Only rough sketches showing the layout & colors for the time being, until I get the precise nature & location of each object worked out.

Spires, office interior

Balar, Bureaucrat's office

Balar, village landing site exterior

Balar, village chambers interior

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