Emerald Spires background info, setting, etc

(This will be worked into the game somehow, I'd prefer to avoid big info dumps)


All the three races that make an appearance in the first episode are humanoid; the reason is that they are all descendants of the same race… no, not of Earth humans. There was an interstellar civilization not averse to genetic engineering some time back that came crashing down hard, the so-called Empire of the Three Stars (link back to main wiki!).

The Emeki claim to be the direct descendants of this civilization and even call their government “The Empire of the Three Stars”, but this has about as much basis in reality as… hmm, it's hard to give an example without stepping on toes here ;] Let's just say they are not the first nation with dubious theories of origin.

The Ereni split from the Emeki during a brief but bloody civil war which broke out because the Emeki thought genocide would be a nifty form of genetic engineering that they could pull off even with their not so advanced technology (though we're talking about spacefarers here, so “not so advanced” is really relative).

How humans figure into this will not be revealed in the first episode (as at that point in the universe's continuity no one knows!), but it will be made clear that they are NOT this ancient mysterious race. The pyramids were built by slaves and all that. (However, there are certain oddities in the ancient history of mankind that aren't brought to light at this time, only later on.)

BTW “Emeki” is an Ereni word (they call themselves something else), but since humans first met the Ereni, it's what's usually used in English… not to mention that it fits the English Semitic country naming trend (Iraqi, Israeli, etc).

The Alliance

The Alliance is a big bureaucratic governeysomething made up of independent states willing to concede a few liberties to a central organ in the hopes that it will be worth it. It's slightly like the EU (and not the UN). All kinds of sentient spacefaring races are in the Alliance, not just the boring humanoid types.

International relations


As mentioned above, a nasty civil war, but approx. 300 years ago. Current relations could be best described as a kind of cold peace.


The classic first contact situation, about 15 years ago humans first chanced upon aliens. And in what went down in the annals of history as one of the worst cases of decisionmaking ever, they declared war on them! It lasted all of 24 hours and ended with unconditional surrender on Earth's behalf.

Basically, the Ereni are very humanlike in appearance, but their minds work completely differently… so it was all a game of misread intentions. Humans thought they were being sneakily invaded, and it all went downhill from there.

To the credit of both sides, they've been trying very hard to get along since then. This is not necessarily without ulterior motives: Earth might get booted out of the Alliance and denied the use of Alliance-operated jumpgates if the head honchos decide they are not worth dealing with after all, and the Ereni have a kind of honor thing going on. (Which leads to weird situations like Ereni infiltrating Earth “for their own benefit”… but those will not be the focus of this game.)


Of like minds, they are increasingly interested in each other. The Emeki government does consider itself supremely superior, though, which is an obstacle.

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