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New! My website moved here. Please update your bookmarks!

This wiki is going to stay too, though I have some overhauling to do here as well. For the time being I've left it untouched until I figure out what should be put where. I recommend you visit my new website first.

- Bogi Takács

This is my new personal website as of October 25 2007… I'm dumping all kinds of stuff here, apologies for the chaos. It'll sort itself out in time, at least that's what I'd imagine a wiki's purpose to be - but maybe I'm getting it all wrong ;]

Ez az új személyes weblapom, 2007 október 25 óta… egyelőre csak behajigálok ide mindent, elnézést a káoszért - az az elgondolás, hogy majd magától szépen lassan rendeződik, legalábbis úgy képzelem, hogy egy wiki valami ilyesmire való… persze lehet, hogy nincs igazam ;]


  • Miscellaneous files - presentation slides, old term papers that might be interesting, etc. both in English and in Hungarian (Vegyes könyvtár - régebbi házi dolgozatok, amik talán érdekesek lehetnek, előadásfóliák, stb. angolul és magyarul is)
  • Stathelp tanácsok, GYIK (régi)

Find out everything about me

To aid stalkers, intelligence officers and suchlike (and also people who simply have an everyday interest in me - hey, I'm flattered!), here is my online presence on various websites, in more or less alphabetic order:

New! Gémeskút - Community blog in Hungarian
Wii * DS * PC * Retro - Videojátékokról mindenkinek!

(Ezek az iWiW kivételével javarészt angolul vannak.)

Science fiction


Reading lists




  • Great music online - free and legal.
  • Wishlist - things material and digital
  • Guestbook - Wow. I registered on the site ages ago (back then it was still free), then I dropped the link amidst my revisions and re-revisions of my personal page (judging from the color scheme, it must have been at least two revisions ago), so this is like a blast from the past! Sign the guestbook, I need new entries ;]

Friends only area

Go here, you'll need a login and appropriate permissions (ask me)

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